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What matters most when hiring an AV Company

Reality Check on AV Hire

by Jemstone Events

On March 2, 2020

The basics of a AV company.

When it comes to choosing an AV company to fulfil your event, what really matters to you, as the client?

Our experience has seen companies come and go but the one thing that sticks out to us and what we proudly showcase ourselves on, is customer service quality.

Paying attention to the smaller things such as – arriving to the initial meeting on time or understanding the client’s company ethos and background and knowing the name of the person you are meeting, These are all things that can make a difference to the professionalism of an AV Company.

audio visual company meeting

Understanding the client

After the initial chit chat, you’re going to get down to business. As an AV company, listening more than talking is the way forwards. Companies want to hire a relatable AV company that really understands their visions and outlook of their upcoming event. Laying out costs and suggestions with what they ‘think’ should be hire is a simple case of conversational breakdown.

Listening to the most important things that the clients wants, despite how much knowledge they have is the key to respect. Earning their respect allows them to start the trusting bond they will have your AV company going forwards.

Asking key questions that the client may not have thought about originally or getting an opinion on an idea is deemed appropriate business discussion.

Making the sale

Don’t hound the client consistently after the initial meeting.

Let the discussion sink in and your idea’s that you put forwards be processed and offer the client a little reminder of the meeting a few days later.

Sometimes events are like an extra curricular activity for some companies so foremost to them is the daily workload of ‘normal’ tasks to be completed.

audio visual hire nottingham

If some weeks have passed, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to your potential client. They may genuinely need a reminder or they may have a few questions to ask but had put the conversation off due to workload. It also shows, as an AV company, that you are thinking of them and you do want their business and event success.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming event with us at Jemstone Events, you can contact us initially here to arrange a meeting with us.


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