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The low down on Room Lighting

Do you really need Room Lighting?

by Jemstone Events

On February 28, 2020

Believe it or not, some may consider this advice ‘underselling’ or ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’.

However, we consider this to be ‘advice’, ‘looking after our clients needs’ and ‘honesty’.

We have all fallen foul of a bad sale at some point in our purchasing lives, however there are some things you just DON’T NEED!

Room lighting is usually an additional service that companies can add onto a basic booking.
It can cost in excess of £50-£300, depending on the supplier and amount.

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Many venues in our area have had some super upgrades.

Take Hazel Gap Barn​ for instance, they have the most beautifully lit room, with consistent and controllable Room Lighting surrounding the beautiful brick interior main walls of their main room.

We have had clients ask for Room lighting for this venue.

We decline, we advise them that the venue already has enough room lighting to create the ambience and colour needed.

As a professional service, we are here to serve YOU.

We want to advise you of the best possible service suited to your requirements and we won’t ‘oversell’.

It is really important that as a supplier we are honest with our clients to be able to build the rapport we need.

Word of Mouth is one of the most successful and integral ways businesses, well, get more business!

After all, we are running a business to support our families in the best way possible and sometimes GREED is what sets us apart in regards to types of suppliers.

So…. when you do look round that venue, ask these sorts of questions, OR when you are supplier hunting for Discos or DJ’s and the like, try to make sure your comfortable that they know their stuff!!

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