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AV Hire – Corporate Event

Case Study at the Crowne Plaza

by Jemstone Events

On February 28, 2020

We were recently asked to supply AV Hire and Staging with Stage flats for a conference earlier this year at the Crowne Plaza, Nottingham.

What may deem small are certainly big things for us. Taking every small detail into account when planning a conference is key to success.

Knowing how many delegates are in attendance if the foremost of our mind, as sound travels and needs to travel in the correct direction, not be loud, too quiet and set in place perfectly for the attendees.
Placing 4 Speaker boxes in each corner of the room ensures that the sound is immersive enough to gather attention and sufficient for ‘those at the back’ that would in normal circumstances, be out of the way.

When main speakers come to deliver their keynotes, every person speaks with a different tone and volume.

Thats where our AV technician comes into play.Monitoring the sound levels for every speaker is a must so that delegates aren’t left deafened or shocked!

Using a variation of Lapel microphones or handheld microphones are simply down to choice of the speaker. Both are monitored with the same outlook of consistency.

We made the set look professional by supplying staging and a lectern. Although some may see this as authoritative, it allows the main speakers to stay organised with their keynotes and allows them to have a ‘base’ as such to refer to throughout their speeches.

Along the back of the staging are stage flats. Some companies use these to showcase their brand by having logo’s or specific wording relevant to the conference or seminar. Here, the projector screen showcased the main points of the event and the keynote supplied by the company.The stage flats are complimented here by a header and a footer to ensure a professional and consistent look over the whole set.

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We offer a multitude of Audio Visual and Staging hire to many corporate and private industries in the sector, if you’re interested in contacted a member of our team to discuss you’re upcoming event, conference or seminar, then do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us here.


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